Saturday, January 19, 2013

IBS Mascot

The company is introducing a new integrated system that has the functions of engagement management, contact management, time management, expenses management and others that help to improve efficiency.
As a start to the internal-communication campaign, the team agreed to come out with a mascot.

Below are the proposed designs that I came out with for voting.
Each of them carries interesting characteristics to enrich their design.

SpikyFriendly alien from IBS planet. He is cool and steady, just like his body color.

FlamboHe is passionate and energetic.

A soft spoken and a humble gentleman. Flexible, there is never an dead-end, any problems can solve through communications.

An eco-friend. Likes to talk and to motivate people, a motivator. Always floating as he wants to be there for you as fast as he could when you need help.

 Strong and healthy. Patient and open to help. He represents the well-developed of this system, powerful and effective.

Friendly robot from IBS planet. Energetic and active. Positive thinking. 

The voting results – BlueBlee won.

Mascot has been decided. Now is the time to come out with a few variations for other communication initiatives, such as premium gift, marketing and communication toolkit and so on.

T-shirt design for Change Agent

Actual shot on T-shirt for Change Agent - Back

Actual shot on T-shirt for Change Agent - Front

Friday, November 9, 2012

KPMG Values Award

There was a request to create a logo for the KPMG Values Award.
The award is about giving compliment to those outstanding employees.

I have came out with 3 logo designs :

Design 1

Design 2 - RED as main color

The management decided to go with Design 3 which represents KPMG branding very well.
The color balls represent the Seven KPMG values.

Design 3 - Using KPMG corporate color. 

I helped one of my Uni-mate to design his company's packaging box.
Recently, I asked him whether that his company is still using my design because I did not see it in Malaysia. I feel so glad when he answered me that I would have see it if I am in China now.

It feels good when you know that your design is serving a purpose and it is a somewhere out from your own country.

I proposed 3 designs below.

Design 1 - RED as the main color with feathers to portray lightness

Design 2 - Black as the main color
Design 3 - The company decided to go with this.


A few days back, I bumped into my ex-freelance-client in an event.
I helped him with his product packaging designs. The product brand name is Sorbex and the product range is about bio oil-cleaner.

The corporate color is orange.
I decided to use the corporate color with a dash of yellow and purple to spice things up.

I've proposed 4 design concepts.

Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3

Concept 4 
My client was quite happy with Concept 4.
Based on that, I came out with the rest of the packing designs such as the bottle labels.

Monday, July 16, 2012

RC Planet Trophy Label

My ex-boss from RC Planet approached me to help me design some trophy labels for his coming r/c race.

Surprisingly, they do not use the old-style trophy any more. The new trend is sticking a colorful designed label on top of the board. This makes a lot of sense as we can have any design that we want without needing to spend so much $$ on the trophy itself. And yet, presentable.

Based on his request, I came out with 3 design options for him to choose on.

Option A

Option B

Option C
He likes Option C.
Here is how the final output looks like.

Monday, February 6, 2012

VXR LiPo Battery Label

VXR LiPo packaging is fairly easy.
It only consists of a silver labeling with design on it.

The design has been evolve through time and I have came out with the latest design for future branding demand.

First Generation - before I joined VXR

Second Generation - my 1st design for lipo

Proposed design for new lipo labels.
Inserted some new age elements to attract the R/C hobbyists.

VXR Website

For first task for joining VXR is to maintain and to beautified the website.
After 3 years, the bosses decided to revamp the website.

Old VXR Website

One of the proposed new web layout

This is approved web layout and now VXR is using this new layout for their website.

VXR Event Poster

VXR participated in a career event at UUM some times ago.
Other than flying blimp, we also have a booth to sell R/C products and create brand awareness.

To let the students know more about VXR and new programme to promote R/C for education, here are the printed poster designs :

Company Profile

Info n R/C Technology for Education

VXR Company Profile

VXR do not have its own company profile.
After dealing with a few suppliers, I think there is a need to come out with one.

Thus, here is the VXR very own company profile.

Front and Back page

Inner Page with simple info

VXR NiMh Wrap

VXR produced lipo batteries. 
To expand the business and to fulfill the market demand, we decided to do OEM  for NiMh battery which is  commonly use for R/C hobbyists.

Here are my design for the battery wrapping :

Insert the design into the template provided by the manufacturer

Photography on the final output

Photography on the final output

VXR Logo - Rebrand

Bosses were thinking to rebrand VXR.
I was being asked to start with something fun before they actually proceed with the decision.

VXR Racing Original Logo

Proposing new VXR Racing Logo - 2D

Proposing new VXR Racing Logo - 3D to add in futuristic concept

For fun sake, I have also came out with a teaser

VXR Ad in Racing Lines

VXR Racing was a lithium polymer battery manufacturer mainly for R/C industry. Our market was not limited to local but even to the international.

Racing Lines is the Australia R/C magazines and we decide to advertise in the magazine to create brand awareness. 

Here is the ad designed by me in 2006.

KPMG Fun Facts

KPMG was going to advertise in ACCA Guide Book.
Other than the corporate ads, HR suggested a different approach to make KPMG more appealing to the younger generation. Introducing KPMG with the implementation of infographics is a very good way to start.

I have came out the artwork below and it has been advertised in the recent issue of ACCA Guide Book.

KPMG MGC2011 Posters

Came out with posters for KPMG internal annual event - MGC 2011.
The theme is "Innovate For Quality Growth".

The organiser provided me with the Quotes and I need to come out with the designs.
By referring to the theme "INNOVATE", I have pushed myself to think out of the box. To standout by not breaking the brand guides, it has been the main challenge for the design team. 

We normally relates "Think Out of The Box" with light bulb of the Light Bulb and make it alive by "humanising" it. “给灯泡赋予生命”, this is how we say it in Mandarin.
I want the ideas to be fun and innovative. 
Wings to Fly .  Keyword : Freedom and Possibilities

Ability to Predict.  Keyword : Predict and Future

Thoughts of Fun.  Keyword : Motivate and Fun

Dare to Speak.  Keyword : Leader and Follower

The actual print out.